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“We love the way that ‘Homescool’ has connected parents and children together with music. Hence the name, because being HOME is COOL.”

What better way to ring in 2023 than to hear two preteen besties exulting about new beginnings?

“Dan steps to the mic for the second verse with an old-school take on his own drum obsession. From there the song explodes in a wonderful percussive cacophony. The legendary Street Drum Corps (America’s Got Talent, American Idol, Vans Warped Tour) rocks out a beautiful trashcan symphony as the Epands chant their fist pumping anthem “Ay, Oh, Ah. I Wanna play the drums today.” It is the best thing you’ll see on the internet today.”

“It brings me hope and joy that this is not the typical children’s music, but rad music with edge. I cannot wait to see a Homescool lighting up the flashlight on my phone, screaming, feeling free, and having a fun time!”

the single captivates from the get-go, carving out a distinct niche for itself and standing out among this week’s top new releases; you will struggle to locate anything else quite like it! The cadence of the drums bursts forth with a thunderous might, synchronising with infectious guitar riffs and a group vocal performance that will leave you itching to hit replay.”

“The single carries some very electric vibes which great vocals and great instrumentation. It is very cohesive and very easy on the ears to listen to, certainly a track to add to a playlist.”

“The Drums,” their fifth single, might be the most fun song about drumming since Todd Rundgren’s “Bang the Drum All Day.”